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Raging Heroes having a Caption Contest on their Facebook page

Raging Heroes has a caption contest going on over on their Facebook page for the following picture...

Note: all official responses are to be put on their page through the link and not just commented here.
From the contest:


Make 'em talk and you may win a 15€ voucher ! Here's the first one, have fun ! You have 'til Thursday 8PM (GMT+1) to add your caption in the comments below.

Each week, try to win a 15€ voucher off Raging Heroes miniatures. How? Starting today, we post a pic, you comment with your caption suggestion, and 3 days later, we pick our favourite caption and award the winner a 15 € coupon off our minis in our webshop.

Magali Genet gave us the idea when she commented on a picture of Natasha. So she became our first winner (congratulations!), we added the caption on the image, and we decided we should do this with all our minis, and that you should all be involved

Note: Please comment on Raging Heroes ' Page. We love you for sharing our posts, but unfortunately, we can't follow comments on other pages, you'll understand