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Raging Heroes has their Blood Vestals for pre-order

Raging Heroes is now taking pre-orders for their Blood Vestals models.

From the announcement:

We are proud to announce that our 10 Blood Vestals are now available for pre-order!
Limited Introductory Offer
Don't miss out on our special low launch price reserved for the first 100 Blood Vestals boxes and the first 25 Command Group boxes.
The Command Group box contains 1 Heroine, 1 Musician and 1 Standard Bearer as well as 2 additional Warriors.
The Blood Vestals box contains 5 more different Warriors.
Together, the Blood Vestals + Command Group total up 10 different characters.
They are 28mm scale and an excellent fit with most major Fantasy games.
Each Blood Vestal is a one-part metal cast.