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Raging Heroes has a sale on Cyberwolves

Raging Heroes is having a sale of their new Cyberwolves. Apparently everyone wants them and they're going to give the people what they want.

You shouldn't be reading this. You should be buying wolves. But if you must read:

With all the frenzy about Sci-Fi wolves at the moment, after a heated debate, we made the hard decision to sharply drop the price of our Cyberwolves to be closer to our competition (even if ours are much bigger resin minis). So, with Raging Heroes Cyberwolves, this is what you get:

PRICE: Pack of 3 + Pack Leader (4 wolves) works out to 70,90€, so about 60£, US$94, CDN$93, AUS$87...
And because we believe in fairness, those who pre-ordered at the previous prices can get a store credit for the price difference, just by asking for it!
MATERIAL: Ultra high-quality resin casts by one of the best miniatures resin foundries in the world!
SIZE: Big!
DESIGN: 'nuff said.
CYBER add-ons: Actually look like they can bear heavy-armored warriors.

In a rush to have them? Grab them now, the first run is for 100 units, next run will start in 2 weeks