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Raging Heroes Gluttony now in stock

Raging Heroes has their Sci-Fi and Fantasy versions of Gluttony in stock.
Uh... don't look if you've just eaten recently.

From the release:

The first of our Seven Sins series is Gluttony, now available in Heroic (human-sized) version. There is a version for Science-Fiction and one for Fantasy. Painted by Angel Giraldez.

The Science-Fiction version differs from the Fantasy one thanks to a putrid backpack, cyber implants in the neck and chest, as well as a firearm mounted on the right wrist.

These minis are quite massive (33mm to the eyes, total height with banner is 60m) and will make a perfect hero, general or special character for your chaotic armies.
How are you thinking of using Gluttony Heroic?