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Raging Heroes' first ever Black Friday Deals are now live

It's cool to see companies that, when I started, were just very small, or some that didn't even exist, grow into brands whose names have some very cool products to them. Such is the case with Raging Heroes, for example. And this year they're having their first ever Black Friday sale.

You can get 15% off all orders. Plus, they've got nine new as-yet unreleased Toughest Girls of the Galaxy models available in their shop. Pick them up now before they go back to being unavailable.

Those figures are:
- Nepharya, the Iron Empire Necro-Priestess
- Kiki Bulldozer, the ogress-sized Jailbirds "cutie"
- The 4 Kurganova WereSheWolves, 4 gigantic female werewolves
- The Jailbirds, Iron Empire, and Kurganova (KST) Mechas