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Raging Heroes Contest: Name and give mottos to the Fantasy versions of the Kurganovas

Raging Heroes is holding a contest to get names and mottos for their fantasy versions of the Kurganovas sisters.
My suggestion of, "Yarr Arr Yarr! I loddie the hotpants!" was shouted down.

From them to you:

We are now nearly done with the Fantasy versions of the Kurganova sisters.
As we did for the SF versions, we want to ask our German-speaking friends to find the three sisters' mottos.
But we also want to make their names and their surnames more Germanic, so we would like suggestions for names for each of the sisters, as well as a Germanized version of their family name (we are thinking along the lines of Von Kurgan-something...).

As always, we are also listening to your suggestions about their equipment and weaponry.
Please let us know if you feel they are missing something…