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Raging Heroes Announces Next Kickstarter Launch Date

Raging Heroes has announced that they'll be starting a new Kickstarter campaign on the 25th. Now that the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy has been handled, they're moving on to the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2: Tough Harder (ok, that's not really the sub-heading. I just made it up). These will be light and dark elf miniatures. The difference this time is that the campaign will encompass both sci-fi and fantasy versions of the miniatures. So whether you prefer your swords to be laser/chainsaw variety, or just the standard "sharp piece of metal," they have you covered.

From the announcement:

So here it is: our Dark Elves and our Sisters Kickstarter will run from March 25 to April 8.

It is called TGG2: Darkness and Light.

It will only last 2 weeks! We've nicknamed it the BlitzKick...

It will feature 6 armies: 3 in Fantasy, 3 in Sci-Fi (following army names may still change):


1 - Dark Elves
2 - Lust Elves (a sub-tribe of our regular Dark Elves who have made lust and death their religion)
3 - Sisters of the Orphanage


4 - Void Elves Hunters
5 - Void Elves Flesh Reapers, (a sub-tribe of our regular Void Elves who have made lust and death their religion)
6 - Sisters of the Eternal Mercy