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Raging Heroes announces Kickstarter coming soon

Raging Heroes has a Kickstarter project in the works. More to come when it happens.

From the announcement:

The Kurganovas' shock troops
Imagine a movie directed by Tarantino in which a band of female warriors/soldiers are drafted from all the prisons and hellholes of the galaxy, and are then led by our very own Kurganova sisters.
Imagine a bunch of punk-ass big-mouth bad girls, kind of like a mix between Aliens' Vasquez, Tank Girl, and Planet Terror's Cherry Darling, and you get an army of psyched Rambo girls that you would not want to approach if you care for your life.

So, yes, you can expect a FULL army of them, with LOTS of characters.
We'll divulge more info on this Kickstarter in the next coming days.

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And as always, we want to hear your feedback and suggestions, especially regarding the type of characters, units and light vehicles you would want us to produce.