RAFM release new 20mm Vietnam boxed sets

RAFM have released two new 20mm Vietnam boxed sets.

From their website:

RAFM is proud to bring you these 2 new platoon boxes for the Charlie Company tabletop miniatures game. Each box includes a full “paper” platoon of figures. These new sets can be found under our Charlie Company section in the online store.

USMC Platoon Box contains:

  • 1 USMC Command Squad
  • 3 USMC Rifle Squads
  • 2 M-60 Machine gun teams
  • 2 Rocket teams

61 figures total. Retail price $39.95

NVA Platoon box contains:

  • 1 NVA Command Squad
  • 3 NVA Rifle Squads

40 figures total. Retail Price $24.95