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RAFM Miniatures Sale and New Grav tank additions

RAFM Miniatures is having themselves a summer sale as well as showing off some new Grav tank weapons they've concocted.

From the announcement:

RAFM Miniatures Summer Sale!
Enter Coupon code SUMMER2012 at checkout to get your 25% off all our offered products until June 15th. Plus new releases for May & June.

Floating out of the Factory for June we have our new Missile tanks. Based off the classic Grav tank hull the new vehicle mounts missiles in its turret.
code: 7034
Price $12.95

Ion Cannon upgrade for 7000 Grav Tank
code: 7033
Price: $6.95

Neutron Cannon Upgrade for 7000 Grav Tank
code: 7031
Price: $6.95