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RAFM Final Hours for Call of Cthulhu Minis Kickstarter

RAFM has just a few hours left for their Call of Cthulhu 7th edition miniatures Kickstarter. They're breaking through stretch goals fairly regularly, so don't miss out on the action.


From the campaign:

We made it over $36,000.00! Congratulations to all our backers!

We have opened up the Stretch Goals to $45,000.00. We have added two new stretch goals at this time. There are new stretch goals at $39,000 and $42,000.00 to go with our $45,000 Stretch Goal.

This means lots of new stuff to open up! Come over and check it out.

Our first Stretch Goal is Shub-Niggurath and it will be added to Expansion Set #4. This Stretch Goal will unlock at $39,000.00. Shub-Niggurath will be a large size figure and will stand over 120mm tall.