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Raex Games launches Kromore 2145 tabletop RPG campaign over on Kickstarter

Raex Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Kromore 2145, their take on what would happen if you took a Steampunk Victorian setting and sent that into the sci-fi realm.

From the campaign:

Kromore 2145 Roleplaying Game is a table top adventure experience brought to you by Raex Games in a 300+ color hardcover game book. Kromore 2145 offers a custom well tested game system in a dynamically interesting universe with wavering political politics, social agendas, a wide array of villains and allies, and plenty of fascinating and interesting places to explore.

We need you the backers to help us get more funding to hire more artists, help with printing costs, distribution, and marketing costs so we can bring this great new setting to the global audience in hardcover color greatness.