Radiocative Press 2010 Release Schedule

Radiocative Press have sent along details of their 2010 release schedule.

From their announcement:

Below is a list of the planned releases for 2010 as well as some information on our plans for future Toy Battle System releases.

Mega Bots, Spring 2010: This game features giant robot against giant robot combat but also has rules for bringing megavehicles into the fight.

The Swarm, Summer 2010: Don’t let the title fool you, this game allows players to create swarms, squads, groups, or whatever else you want to call a mass of fighters, and have them duke it out. The swarms can be just about anything from vehicles, to monsters, to standard infantry.

Atomic Super Humans, Fall 2010: This game brings super heroes to the Toy Battle System and will replace the current game with the same title.

And Beyond…: Once the five core Toy Battle System games are released we plan to focus on using those core rulebooks to create more specific game settings called playsets. Each playset will use one or more of the core rulebooks and present a new way to use that rulebook along with new rules and types of fighters. For example one of the possible playsets is God War. God War uses the Giant Monster Rampage rules but instead of monsters the fighters are gods from different pantheons.