Radioactive Press release Monster Recognition Manual: Pyronopsis

Radioactive Press have released an expansion for their Toy Battle System games, Monster Recognition Manual: Pyronopsis. From their announcement:
The Monster Recognition Manuals are a series of premade monsters that come with paper cutouts to be used with our Toy Battle System games. Included in this manual is a record sheet, a quick reference sheet (including a new power), and two different sized cutouts of Pyronopsis to be used in games of Giant Monster Rampage. The cutouts are in color. The larger one is approximately 6" and the smaller one is approximately 3". To use the cutouts simply cut out the two halves and fold the half circles so that they are perpendicualr to the monster with the artwork facing up. Then glue the two halves together. Once complete you should have a free standing paper miniature on a circular base. Available in our PDF store as well as RPGNow and Wargame Vault.