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Radioactive Press' Pesticide Now Available

Radioactive Press announces Pesticide, their latest Toy Battle System game is now available:

From their announcement:

Pesticide, our latest Toy Battle System game is now available.

Pesticide is a turn based combat game for two or more players set in a world where mutant insects and other creepy crawlies are taking over gardens across the world. Pesticide gives players complete control over the creation of their pest. Players can create an existing pest found in their own backyard or one from their own imagination. The possibilities are endless. The object of the game is to kill or be killed, once two mutant pests meet in battle only the winner will walk away. The loser becomes dinner. Pesticide is a standalone game that can also be used as an expansion for any other Toy Battle Systemâ„¢ game.

Now available at RPGNow and Wargame Vault.