Radioactive Press PDF store special offer

Radioactive Press have a special offer to celebrate the opening of their new online store. From their announcement:
To celebrate the grand opening of our new PDF PayPal store we have a special offer for all orders placed in the month of May. If you buy the Giant Monster Rampage 3rd edition, Mega Bots, or Power Warriors core rulebook PDFs you will receive one of the PDFs from list A (located below) free. If you buy two of the listed core rulebook PDFs you have the choice of picking two free PDFs from list A or one free PDF from list B. If you buy all three core rulebooks PDFs you have the choice of picking three free PDFs from list A, or one free PDF from List A and one free PDF from list B, or the free PDF bundle from list C.
A List
  • Animated
  • Asteroids
  • Cracked Aquarium
  • Monster Mash
  • The Labyrinth
B List
  • Bad Faeries
  • Gangs of Transylvania
  • Insecticide
  • The Horror
C List
  • Giant Monster Rampage 2nd edition bundle (GMR: Revised, GMR: Evolution)
When checking out be sure to write in the free PDFs you would like to receive in the comments section.Be sure to read the about the store section before making any purchases. This special offer only applies to purchases made in our PDF store from midnight May 1st EST to midnight May 31st EST.