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Radioactive Press Announces New Sale

Radioactive Press is pleased to announce the 150 copies for $1.50 sale:

From their post:

Starting at midnight on Sunday January
22nd (eastern standard time) one of our Toy Battle System games will go on sale for $1.50. If that game sells 150 copies within 7 days, it will return to its regular price once the 150th copy is sold. Once the 150th copy is sold, another Toy Battle System game will go on sale for $1.50. When a new Toy Battle System game is placed on sale, it has 7 days to sell 150 copies. Any game currently on sale will remain on sale until 150 copies are sold or until seven days passes. If seven days passes without the Toy Battle System game currently on sale selling 150 copies, the sale ends and no other game will be placed on sale. Below is a list of the games in the order they will be placed on sale, providing the terms of the sale are met.

Power Warriors
Sentai Heroes
Monster Mash
Mega Bots
Vehicular Homicide
Atomic Super Humans
Giant Monster Rampage 3rd edition