Rackham Entertainment liquidation confirmed

Gregoire Boisbelaud from Rackham Entertainment has confirmed that the company is in liquidation.

From their announcement:

Rackham-E as a company is gone into a liquidation procedure starting yesterday afternoon.

I announce it to you officially first, but a blog will be posted soon too. I just wanted to let you know first hand, as you deserved it.
I wish to thank all of you for your continuous support, your interest in our games and your devotion to the communities at large. It was a pleasure to work with you and for you, even so briefly.

I know I’ll meet some of you on other forums, other websites and other conventions and shows.

If the company dies, the games still have a chance to endure. Discussions are going their way with several partners, old ones and news ones alike, in order to save the licences and games attached to these.