Rackham 2010 release schedule details

Rackham Entertainment have posted some details of their planned 2010 releases for AT-43 and Confrontation.

From their website:
The second half of 2009 has been a busy one for Rackham Entertainment since it allowed us to introduce our new Army Boxes and to release two new armies for AT–43 (the Cog clones and the mercenary ONI) as well as for Confrontation: The Age of Rag’narok (the knights of the Lion and the undead of the Ram). We’re happy to announce that 2010 will be a step further in that direction.

A new army is planned for each game. The powerful and sturdy Krygs will join the AT–43 universe at the start of the second half of 2010. By the end of the year, the first elven army will enter the battlefields of the Rag’narok! Each of these armies will be introduced by an Army Box with a ready-to-play army, and an Army Book detailing the army. Other items will follow and allow you to develop and adapt the force within the Army Box.

In the same time, two existing armies for each game will receive their own Army Box, offering the perfect first buy for new players. But these boxes will be interesting for existing players as well, since we will use them to add unreleased or out of stock miniatures. Karmans will be doing the honours for AT–43 in the second term, with the UNA close behind them. Confrontation: The Age of Rag’narok will have the creatures of the Scorpion in the third term and then the templars of the Griffin.

All the while, Unit and Hero boxes will of course be released to reinforce the newest armies.