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R.A. Salvatore's Demonwars RPG Kickstarter under way

R.A. Salvatore, the world-famous author, is running a Kickstarter campaign for his DemonWars: Allheart RPG. A continuation of his DemonWars RPG series, the game expands the story of the world as well as a new character class (the Knight), and new game systems like jousting.
The campaign still has 22 days to go if you want to get in on some fantasy RPG action.


From the campaign:

About this project

Southern Honce-the-Bear is in turmoil, its lords and ladies vying for power after the end of the Demon Wars. DEMONWARS: ALLHEART is the second product in the DemonWars Role-playing Game line, an old-school tabletop roleplaying game, this time putting you into the role of an Allheart Knight – an armored warrior, a noble of the Kingdom of Honce-the-Bear, sworn protector of the realm.

A new character class, the Knight, which can function on its own or operate alongside the Abellican Monk and Rogue classes from DemonWars: Reformation.

New game systems including Jousting and Fiefdoms, two mini-games which can be played as standalone games or integrated into a DemonWars campaign; expanded Blacksmithing rules; new monsters and magic items; and a random adventure generator for solo games (or GM-free games).

Expanded setting information covering Southern Honce, the war-torn land of rival nobles and roaming bandits.

A starting area including detailed information on the lands, nobles, and threats surrounding the barony of Auvon-Lea, in Southern Honce. As a stretch goal, a full adventure may be included set in Auvon-Lea!

As a stretch goal, an all-new novella from R.A. Salvatore, introducing players to the world of Corona as it is at the start of the story arc.