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Quod Erat Disputandum Game Up on Kickstarter Now

You've probably heard someone used the term, "QED." Usually, it'll happen when during a discussion or debate when someone is arguing a certain point. Well, that stands for Quod Erat Disputandum. That's also the name of a new game up on Kickstarter where you play college students trying to go about their lives during the day, while debating their way to supremacy over the other students at night.

About the game:

Quod Erat Disputandum is a resource management and fighting game which is all about the daily life of students: Getting up in the morning, listening to professors in the auditorium, shopping for fancy underwear in the second hand shop and financing everything by “donating” blood. But come night the dull routine changes into a flurry of discussions with fellow students. Every drink makes the theories in question more daring, the counter theories bolder and the data increasingly questionable.

Join university and live the discussion and don’t forget the first rule of every debate: Debatable!

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 18 days.