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Quill: Shadow and Ink Now Available

When you can't find others who are able to game with you, solo game are your savior. And if you want a bit of role-playing action, there's Quill. Well, a new variant of the game is available. It's called Quill: Shadow and Ink, and it brings all the dark, gothic horror of H.P. Lovecraft to the game.

From the release:

Lovecraftian horror comes to Quill, the solo letter-writing roleplaying game in the form of a new campaign - Quill: Shadow and Ink.

The campaign book, which requires the core game to play, contains a series of linked scenarios telling the tale of a mysterious 16th century book of unknown provenance, a mysterious figure and dangerous magic.

As you play, you gain story points, which are used at the end of the campaign to determine the outcome of the story.

Scott Malthouse of publisher Trollish Delver Games said: "When I launched Quill last year, I had no idea how popular it would be - it was a bit crazy.

"Even at its inception, I knew Lovecraft's works would fit perfectly into a Quill game, so Shadow and Ink was born. Getting the chance to write like a Lovecraftian protagonist I think is a really enticing thought."