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Questing Knights Podcast is on the air

Questing Knights is a new podcast primarily dedicated to Ninja Division. Their first couple episodes are up online for your listening pleasure.

Questing Knights


From them to you:

Ninja Division focused, the Questing Knights Podcast has launched for the world to enjoy. Three Episodes in we touch base with Deke Stella on the last universe of Relic Knights, the status of the Forgotten King kickstarter and get a few beans to spill on the Ninja Division app shown at Gencon.

We have a chance to talk community building with a few higher profile Ninjas to help get the interest for Relic Knights started in our second episode.

The third episode dives into the hobby realms with basing ideas, and we cover the slate of Ninja Division events for Adepticon 2015.

We are a bi weekly podcast with the main focus being on Relic Knights, and plans to cover the gambit of Ninja Division properties. Fluff and rules discussions right from the source. Hobby segments with award winning painters, and a desire to see the community grow. The first three episodes are available on the Questing Knights website, with Itunes and Stitcher Radio coming shortly.