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Quest Foundry: A quest creator for pen-and-paper RPGs looking for funding on Indiegogo

Quest Foundry is an electronic resource to help DMs create quests for their games. They're looking to get funded over on Indiegogo now.


From the campaign:

Quest Foundry helps you create, share, buy and sell quests for pen-and-paper RPG's using an in-browser editor. Give your quests away for free, keep them private or charge for your hard work and make some coin. Likewise, you can buy quests created by fellow geeks or score free ones to use in your own games.

Buying quests can be pricey. Finding free, quality ones isn’t as easy as it should be. And countless campaigns are siloed away in binders or computers, locked away for no other gaming groups -- save for those of their creator’s -- to enjoy. Quest Foundry aims to change that, and then some, whether you play in-person or online.