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Queen's Necklace Release Date Announced

Shiny rocks.
It's amazing how much of our history is based on people looking for shiny rocks and trading them back and forth. And let's face it, we love wearing shiny rocks. We love looking at shiny rocks. Wars are fought over shiny rocks. From really, really big wars, to small wars on your tabletop. In Queen's Necklace, you play as gem merchants looking to acquire the most wealth by trading your various shiny rocks in. But the price you'll get for your shiny rocks varies depending on how rare they are and how fashionable they are.


The game relies on set collection, bluffing, and just a bit of luck. You must collect gems from the center of the board, and then sell them when a merchant comes to town. Just beware of opponents looking to steal your gems from you, or maybe the king will say that certain gems are his and therefore aren't worth anything at sale, or all other sorts of strange things.

You can expect to see Queen's Necklace on game store shelves in 10 days.