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Queen Victoria Steampunk Empress Scrunt previewed as part of Olleys Armies Kickstarter

Olleys Armies is showing off a green for their upcoming Steampunk Queen Victoria Scrunt mini that's part of their Kickstarter campaign.


From the preview:

Hello Everyone, we have only hours to go before olleys Armies Kickstarter Ends on Friday 6th. So in the last few hours we have added a new miniature "Queen Victoria Steampunk Empress" Scrunt to the Kickstarter, you can make a pledge of £6 UK + £1 for overseas p&p for HRH or you can add her to a larger pledge.
We have also added, shields and steampunk backpacks to the add-ons. Once again if you want just the add-ons there is a pledge level just for them of £16 UK + £3 p&p overseas for a choice of 5 tags, or you can add them to another pledge.
Finally, we will have pictures of the Rat Fight Club Miniatures and the Fighting Rats very soon, they will be the final miniatures we will be adding to the Olleys Armies Steampunk & Victorian Scrunts aka Dwarfs Kickstarter