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Queen of Fables HeroClix preview

WizKids have posted a preview of the Queen of Fables figure from the upcoming Superman expansion for the DC HeroClix game. From their website:
Today we spotlight a character from a land, far, far away where once upon a time, she ruled all she surveyed as the fairest of them all. It seemed that she was destined to live happily ever after were it not for a chance encounter with a princess even fairer than she. Of course we’re talking about the Queen of Fables. The Queen of Fables is seeking a Prince Charming for her tale and she’s not above some magical coercion to get her way. Early-dial Mind Control and high attack values give her the opportunity to find her leading man, or to make supporting characters dance to her tune. Her Rewrite the Story special power allows the Queen of Fables to use both Perplex and Probability Control as she finds new and exciting ways to confound her foes!