Queen Games has Dark Darker Darkest Kickstarter campaign going

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Jun 28th, 2013

Queen Games has been running their Kickstarter campaign for their new horror survival board game, Dark Darker Darkest.

From the campaign:

A cooperative board game where 2-5 ‚Äúsurvivors” explore the secured house of Doctor Mortimer, working to stop the zombie apocalypse.

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  • Gallant

    A zombie board game on Kickstarter? You don’t say!

  • Glad to see this one finally getting made. David Ausloos did some work for us on Incursion way back in the day and had already been trying to get DDD published for a couple of years. I think the prototype may go back to 2005 or 6. He is one of the hardest working souls I’ve ever met in the biz…

  • estrus

    Zombies, dobermans, ravens? Creepy old mansion? Is this Resident Evil?

  • joshuar56

    I wish… Unfortunately the heroes aren’t nearly as cool as S.T.A.R.S. members. I stead you get a dude who looks like a pedo camp counselor…