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Quantuum Magic holding Prototyping Contest

Quantuum Magic is holding a contest where the winner will get a prototype made of a game they've been working on.

From the contest:

Whether you are an aspiring game designer, an experienced gamer or a casual player, nearly everyone has a cool idea for a game at some point in their gaming life. We know, because thanks to our ‘Open-Door’-policy we see a lot of these ideas!

An awesome looking prototype is one of the most rewarding and useful stages in having your game idea come to life. A good prototype allows you to pitch your game with confidence, gives you better insight into its mechanics and always makes for the ultimate gaming trophy!

Sadly, most people with an awesome game idea are relegated to their trusty home printer, scissors and glue stick to make their prototype. This often makes the quality of your prototype dependent on your crafting skills…

Ever visited a Quantuum Magic booth during gaming conventions? Then you’ve seen the quality that goes into our prototypes. In fact, we often get requests to sell these prototypes on the spot because people mistake them for finished products!

We decided to help you out and OPEN UP the Quantuum Magic prototype lab in this very special contest for everyone who has ever had a cool game idea. This is your chance to win (a) professional, Quantuum Magic-made prototype(s) of your own game!

How to participate:
- Anyone can join, you don’t have to be a game design professional
- Have an awesome game idea that is ready for prototyping (artwork is not provided by us)
- Send us an email introducing your game (manual, box-art, etc.). For big files we suggest the use of
We have several surprises waiting for you as the contest progresses, all of which are dependent on the number of game ideas sent to us, and the number of likes, follows and shares. So increase your chances by supporting this contest and we will keep you updated! Already have fans of your game? Their support counts as well! Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter (top of this page). For the full official rules please check here.
Happy designing!