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Quantum Minstrel Integrated Tabletop RPG Audio Solution up now on Kickstarter

Quantum Minstrel has a Kickstarter campaign going for their Integrated Tabletop RPG Audio Solution.


From the campaign:

Quantum Minstrel is a next-generation, cross-platform, interactive audio player with an integrated multi-layered music library. From the ground up, it is specifically engineered to meet the demands of tabletop role-playing gamers, and give you the materials and tools you need to help create the perfect ambience, intensify dramatic impact, enhance player immersion, and ultimately enrich the cinematic feel of your unfolding collaborative storytelling experience.

Quantum Minstrel is a collection of music that’s conceived and put together in a very particular way, along with specialised software to play this (and other) music in a flexible, expressive and convenient fashion. The most important concept to understand here is that you can mix and match the music you want by blending multiple streams of audio together. This software will be available for a wide variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops and smartphones running a host of different operating systems.