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Quadropolis Now Available From Days of Wonder

Everybody wants to rule the world.
Or so Tears for Fears told us. Obviously, none of us actually do rule the world (that'd be the lizard people who get to do that). Though with some hard work and dedication, we might be able to be the mayor of a city. That'd be pretty cool. Or, we could just go out and buy a copy of Quadropolis. Then we can get to pretend to be a mayor of a city. That sounds a lot simpler.

As mentioned above, in Quadropolis, you take on the role of a mayor in a major modern city. Being a mayor isn't easy, as you've got the needs of your people to look after. However, there's not infinite resources in terms of manpower and budget, so you're going to have to pick and choose what you decide to work on. Build up your city and score points in order to outpace your opponents and become the greatest mayor the world has ever seen.