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QRF Models January 2012 Sale

QRF Models Limited January Sale will run from 8th January 2012 to 22nd January 2012 inclusive:

From their website:

What is the discount?
It provides 10% off your order. But better than that, the platoon pack discounts are still on - so if you are buying six of anything, you could be getting a massive 20% off!

Does the sale apply to everything?
It applies to all metal items, so all Freikorp and QRF figures, but not SeaWulf, nor the flags or decals.
War of the Roses billmen

Why only 10%?
Because we already have extremely good prices. grin Rather than give inflated prices, then offer lots of discounts and sales through the year, we prefer to give you good prices all year round, and a bit of a 'credit-card-saving, post-Christmas', reward.

Other people give much bigger discounts!
Other people probably charge you more in the first place – nothing is ever free. Due to our policy of charging what we feel we would be happy to pay, we remain one of the cheapest on the market without sacrificing quality.

Does my code still work?
Of course it does.

Can I still use my account credit?

It doesn't work now?
Correct. It doesn't work until the sale starts on 8th January. It won't work after the 22nd January cut-off date, either. Oh, it it is geared to our U.K. server, so it will be U.K. time…

I like the new photos...
OK, OK, yes, we have finally got someone to paint us lots of the modern stuff. He has done rather a nice job so far, and we hope to be adding a lot more through the year.

Are the prices going up this year?
Sadly, yes. There is a planned increase for February.

Anything else?
Happy New Year :-)