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Pythos Tabletop RPG Up On Kickstarter

In the world of Pythos, the gods are wild and fickle. It is said that mortals can't really ever grasp the intentions of a god, and these gods certainly seem to try and live up to that. This can lead to odd religions with self-conflicting beliefs. But even as the gods often confound the humans, there's also the titans to reckon with. Bigger than even the largest god, they are believed to be living embodiments of the elements. Then there's the mortals, who are as diverse as you can image. That's the world of Pythos.

Pythos is a new tabletop RPG that uses its own rules system, along with its own game world. What sets it apart from others? Well, the big one is the simultaneous combat system. This is done to make combat more "realistic" (as it can be for a world with fireballs and titans, anyway). In a real fight, everything is happening at once, so the turn-based combat of other RPGs can make it feel more "fake." This also helps keep players engaged, as you're not waiting around so long for your turn in the initiative.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. They're about 1/5 of the way to their goal with still 12 days to go.