Pyrkol launches new "Shields Down" Markers

Pyrkol helps you keep track of your shields left on your minis with their new Shields Down tokens.

Shield Tokens


From the release:

Best used as a cinematic way to represent units that have lost their shields, these Sci-fi "Shields Down!" markers are specifically designed for the 6mm scale. Although at 2 cm tall they wont look out of place besides a 28mm miniature.

The shields are made of light blue acrylic, and to achieve the final result, a variety of techniques were used untill the look was just right.
We have been using them in our 6mm sci-fi games and the general consensus is that they look great. Once more we are sure you won´t be disapointed.
The miniatures in the photos are works of the talented work at Steel Crown Productions and are being used with permission.