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Pyre Studios to open in "Real Space"

Pyre Studios is opening a brick and mortar retail space. From their announcement:
Pyre Studios has made a bid to break the 4th wall of online retail by leasing trade space at a brick and mortar store. Black Lion Games, the long time bastion of Scottish gaming, will play host to our range from Saturday the 11th of June. We are very grateful to Liam and the crew at BLG for their help and support. There will be a constant stock of all of our ranges in store together with enough space to run demos, leagues and tournaments. This segues nicely into the 2 days of product demos we’ll be running in store on the 11th and 12th of June, Imaginatively christened the Weekend of Demos we will be running games for Heavy Gear Arena, MERCS and Warlands in 20 – 40 min slots. If you are interested in coming along for a game or even just a chat please drop me a line at for more details