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Pyre Studios announces Mythos Encounter Dice

Pyre Studios will be coming out with some new Encounter Dice soon. These have a Mythos theme to them.


From the announcement:

I’m pleased to announce that in addition to the nascent ranges 2014 will also be a year of eldritch horror. Building on the success of the Encounter Dice Kickstarter I am going to release a small range of Encounter Dice inspired by the mythos works of H.P. Lovecraft. Initially focusing on three sets of six dice which will assist GMs in coming up with concepts that can be used in their campaigns. These are:

The Cult set allows you to roll up the core info for a cult quickly. Includes dice to define the deity worshiped, the enforcers of the cult, ritual weapons and minor artifact used, the hidden sanctuary and the cults base
The Ritual set gives you the key concepts for an encounter that the players either happen upon or perhaps have to stop. Includes dice to define the location and time of the ritual, the sacrifice and major artifact used within the ritual and finally the cultists and horrific beasts that are present
Investigators and NPCs set can be uses to quickly roll up character concepts for both player and non-player characters. Includes dice to help define the race and social position of the characters together with where they are from/encounters and what their motivations are. Of course you can also define the weaponry available to them in their fight.

The artist, Melanie Tranchemontagne, has already done an amazing job on converting the brief into stunning pieces of art as can be seen below. These are WIP images from each of the dice in the Cult set.