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Pyre Studios announces Haar Miniature line, looking for funding on Indiegogo

Pyre Studios has started an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund the first (and hopefully more) of their new Haar Miniature line.

From the campaign:

We’re delighted to announce that Pyre Studios is getting ready to release its first in-house product, the Haar miniatures line. Hovering somewhere between Heroic 28 and 30mm the miniatures will encapsulate characters from our own IP, the Kharybdis Archipelago. A continent sized collections of islands recovering from a devastating war. We’ve christened the style Woodpunk being that they are steampunk without the steam.

To give this the best chance at success we’ve started what seems to the obligatory crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo. Why not pop over and see what we have planned?