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Pygmies coming to The Cabinet range at Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming is expanding their "The Cabinet" range with some new Pygmies. They've posted up a bunch of greens to show off what'll be available soon.

From the announcement:

Our next pre-order for our The Cabinet range is a bit of a fun one.

The Pygmies are a mini range all by themselves, and as you can see they are certainly fun.

The images shown here show one sculpt from each Spear and Axe armed troops. You can see more pics of the Spearman and Axemen by clicking on the more info link (where ever it be)

The whole range comprises of:

1 x Commander with 2 spears
1 x Commander with 2 axes
4 x Spearmen sculpts
4 x Axemen sculpts
4 x Blowpipe(men) sculpts
2 x Chicken riding spear cavalry.

Keep an eye out, as the whole range will be up for pre-order soon.