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Puzzle Strike Ship Dates and new Expansion announced from Sirlin Games

Sirlin Games gives us an update about the shipping dates for their main game as well as a look at what's coming up next.

From the announcement:

The first expansion to acclaimed deckbuilding game Puzzle Strike, along with the third edition of the base game, will be shipped to Kickstarter backers Sept. 28, and will be widely available Oct. 28. Both games are published by Sirlin Games, and can be played independently of each other or combined for maximum gameplay options.

Designed by David Sirlin, designer of Yomi and Flash Duel, and the video games Street Fighter HD Remix and Puzzle Fighter HD Remix, this eagerly-awaited update and expansion caters to both casual and hardcore, competitive players.

"This new edition of Puzzle Strike is the result of years of playtesting and development," Sirlin said. "I firmly believe that serious, tournament-worthy games can also be friendly to new or casual players, and we have achieved that balance with this version. Online playtesters have enjoyed thousands of games using the new rules and characters, and yet it still only takes a few minutes to teach a new player how to play."

In April 2012, Sirlin Games launched a campaign on the popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter to help cover the costs of new components for the release. The initial Kickstarter goal of $15,000 was met almost five times over, raising nearly $75,000 raised in total. This outpour of support from the community allowed Sirlin Games to lower the price while including more in the box: each new set now ships with game boards and privacy screens.

"The great thing about the Kickstarter is that we can actually include more stuff in the box but offer the games at a lower price than ever before," Sirlin said. "So all players can benefit from the support of our fans. And in turn, the fans who helped us with the Kickstarter get the game a month before the general public."

Puzzle Strike 3rd Edition and Puzzle Strike Shadows are both currently available for pre-order at for $49.99 each. Also newly available is a strategy guide designed to introduce players to higher level tactics for every aspect of the game. Puzzle Strike is distributed by Game Salute.