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Purgatory Rules Posted For Free Online

You all know that I love when companies post rules for free online. You can check out what's going on and get your feet wet before you dive fully in. Well, Underestimated Games has posted up a version of their Purgatory rules for free. So why not check them out and see if it's a system for you?

From the post:

You can now get the basic rule pack for Purgatory by Underestimated Games Limited.

The rule pack does not include the 40 page back story, though can get this in A5 perfect bound hard copy from their store:

The range of models is already 25 strong, with complimentary Gift of the Gods that you can tailor your own deck with even more to come, having released that Purgatory phase two is coming in February 2018!

This comes with a sneak peak of 3 new characters in developement

Source Note: that takes you direct to Dropbox.