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Pure Evil Miniatures, a new minis company, now up and running

Pure Evil Miniatures is a new minis company out there. They've got their first minis available in their webshop, and will have a game (called DeathPit) coming soon. Go check 'em out.

From the launch:

DeathPit is a gladiatorial fantasy game set in the Greek Underworld. Here, all manner of monsters and warriors fight in arenas for the glory of battle to prove who is the ultimate fighter. The range expands to allow you to build a Ludus of awesome fighters to battle in the Death Pits of the Underworld. Collect the most formidable fighters, see your victories grow and witness your name become legend.

DeathPit Miniatures are an exquisitely crafted range of 32mm resin miniatures suitable for the tabletop wargamer, expert painter or collector. Cast to the highest standards, every care is taken to ensure you receive the highest quality product possible. Please check out the website for more information