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Puppy Dogs From Space Relaunches On Kickstarter

There's a certain tenacity that certain people have. John Dermody is one of those people. He's had quite a life, with various hardships throwing their way into his path. But he's overcome time and again. So when Puppy Dogs From Space didn't work out the first time on Kickstarter, it only meant that there would be a relaunch (no pun intended) later on. Such has come to pass, and so you can pledge for the game now.

It's a race against other players as you each try and get your puppies home first. But puppies aren't well-known for their attention spans, so expect them to head in every which direction unless you keep them on track. They could also decided to catch a nap, so you'll have to work at making sure they get home. Play your cards right and get those puppies safely home!

The campaign's back up and running now, as I mentioned, and has already passed their funding goal. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 23 days.