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Puppets War releases new Thunder Crow light fighter and upgrade kit

Puppets War just released their new Thunder Crow light fighter. Check it out on their website.
They've also got an upgrade kit available for it, too.

From the updates:

Thunder Crow - Set contains one "Thunder Crow"-Light Fighter model, 4 fuselage mounted prepared to be magnetised weapons, 2 wing mounted gatlings, 2 variants of lunhers, oval base (120mm x 95mm), 6 magnets (3/1mm) and flying steam allows to mount model on height of 140 mm in many angles.

Thunder Crow Upgrade Kit - Set contains parts that can be use to convert "Thunderbolt"-Light Speeder into "Thunder Crow"-Light Fighter model including: canopy, 2 viewers 4 fuselage mounted prepared to be magnetised weapons...