Puppets War release Red Army Orc heads and Civil War heads

By tgn_admin
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May 26th, 2011

Puppets War have released two new sets of 28mm head swaps.

Red Army Orcs

From their announcement:

Currently, we look for an inspiration in different ages of history and world beautiful cultures. We are doing our best to combine them with sci-fi and fantasy, keeping our style of course. The models are fun and fiery. Our latest releases are – next part of Orc product range – Red Army Orc heads and Civil War heads.

Orc heads are inspired by Soviet army, and the models are similar to Gringo Orc heads. Designed for 28mm tabletop wargaming and sculpted by Adrian Gawel.

Civil War heads is probably the first set from new range, but we are still working on this idea. Designed for 28mm tabletop wargaming. Sculpted by Slawomir Kosciukiewicz.

  • CaffeineBoy

    Words cannot express how much love I feel for the orc in earmuffs.

  • The middle guy – Orcsputin – is fantastic! Love the beard and scowl.

  • Tommygun

    I must consume mass quantities!

  • cybogoblin

    File off the star and they’d make pretty good Canadians, too.

    • Tommygun

      I’m staying the hell out of Canada then.

  • rhodry

    very cool as always