Puppets War previews new heavy trooper 3D render

By Polar_Bear
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May 30th, 2013

Puppets War is showing off a 3D render of a new heavy trooper they’re working on.

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  • Haibane

    Woah – looks pretty cool and distinctive. I can’t make my mind up on the 4 huge chunks of armour hanging between the legs though – seems pretty awkward but also one of the things that makes the model look so different. Would likely look better if the upper part was integral to the lower torso, and the lower three parts shrunk a little bit.

  • I think you might have missed Sedition wars if you think this looks distinct…

    Check it


  • Haibane

    Heh – true enough. Strangely I was thinking THI-suit when I saw this (I have three coming from the Kickstarter :-D). Perhaps I’m just impressed that it’s not another Games Workshop rip-off?

    • I didn’t get any THI-suits from the kickstarter, I got all the extra characters. Speaking of ripping off – I suppose they are all guilty of it 😉

      The thing is I collect and build garage kits as well and there have been a lot of unlicensed kits of popular movie characters during the glory years of the hobby. It was always done by “fans” though. And it was such a small scale production when it came to those, sometimes only 50 copies made…

      While I do like being able to pick up figures of characters I like, it depends on whether or not the depiction is either faithful or an original enough reimagining of a character. A good example is “Akroyd” from Guild of Harmony. That is one fantastic piece and it is highly original despite being derived from a well known character. It looks nothing like him, yet noone will miss the reference. It’s brilliant.
      Studio Miniatures Oz rendition is also quite nice.

      Then we have the unlicensed figures that have dodgy names, but they at least give a nod to where they stem from and I can live with that… Give credit where credit is due. It’s a crafty way of doing it and dodging the legalities…

      Lastly we have the ones I despise and I have no qualms about naming vesper-on games and their morgruar rashaar that looks awesome because it’s a total ripoff from the Korean Monster in the film “The Host”. They just gave it hind legs instead of fins. What pisses me off is the write up of how it was original and bla bla bla. Don’t say that. I doubt the movie makers even care about the possible stream of income from a tiny games company – that is beside the point. DON’T call it your own when it’s clearly not. It’s like researchers publishing plagiarised articles and what have you. It’s embarrassing… because in this day of internet – everyone will know and you’ll just look bad. I actually really like that miniature line, but I completely lost all interest after that.

      I realise I am a bit off-topic cough 🙂

      this suit is clearly inspired off of a THI-suit, but it looks like it is made by a different company 😉 and it is. If you really want to make an original spin on this it should be rendered as medieval armor or something. I’d buy that.

  • Cherno

    Looks like that dude’s well hung, if you know what I mean… Well, at least hos family planning won’t be in jeopardy as long as he isn’t shot at with a nuke.

  • I really like this one and although it does share some elements of the Studio McVey suit, it is also completely different. I like the really heavy look of the suit and this is helped by the apron. There is allso a second version with a larger cover for the head that looks great as well.

    I think that these will be my first purchase from Puppet’s War because they are really cool 🙂