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Puppet Wars Playtest announcement

Wyrd Miniatures is accepting playtest applications for their Puppet Wars game. From their website:
I am very please to announce that we are kicking off playtesting for our upcoming game - Puppet Wars. We are doing a public call for testing, as this game is something very distinct from our Malifaux line (although as you probably can see from the teasers out there, that it's a little bit related). We're looking for testers with backgrounds in miniature gaming, board gaming, as well as CCG's, and would like a good mix of all of this. The first step of the process is to reply to this thread, with the information below. We will be accepting a limited number of applicants. Those accepted will move on to the next steps in the playtest process in an invite only forum, which will first include some in depth discussions about related games, before we finally move on to digging into Puppet Wars. This thread is only open for applications, no other posts please, as posts without applications will be deleted. (but feel free to start your own thread in other sections of the forum).