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Punga Miniatures Previews Whale Troll Figure For Toa Orcs

I'm always a big fan of seeing new twists on classic miniatures types. There's been troll miniatures around for seemingly forever, but I have to say, I've not seen so many whale trolls. Well, for those that are interested in the Toa Orcs that are coming from Punga Miniatures (like I am), then you'll want to check out what they've been working on.

From the preview:

Punga Miniatures successfully completed the creation of a Whale-troll big guy for Toa orcs team.

This miniature will be available to the general public at the kickstarter in early 2018. The miniature sculpted by Radmir Akhmetov, his works have already been marked on a kickstarter, size: 50 mm, the material: resin.