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Punga Miniatures Announces Kickstarter Launch Date

The American Football season is getting close to an end. The Super Bowl will be happening in the next month. But it's never too early to start thinking about next season. Maybe you want to switch up your team a bit. Get something a bit different. Well, if you want some new Orcs (and a whale), you'll want to check out Punga Miniatures. They've been working on their Toa Orcs, and starting next week, they'll launch their Kickstarter campaign so you can pick up a team for yourself.

From the announcement:

Punga miniatures announce that already in a week (January 16) will begin his kickstarter campaign.
There they will brings you a complete (16 different miniatures) savage orcs team with an original design, including a Big Guy (Whale troll or Totem troll), made in high quality resin.