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Pulpasaurus Entertainment Announces Conan Skirmish Game

Pulpasaurus Entertainment has announced that they're working on a new miniatures mass-combat game based on Robert E. Howard's Conan setting. Conan: Rise of Monsters (or CROM for short. See what they did there?) will be played using 28mm pre-painted plastic miniatures. Starter sets will come with two armies, as well as all the dice, templates, tokens, and accessories one needs to play the game.
The Kickstarter will be sometime in Q3 this year, with a release Q1 of 2016.

From the press release:

The Pulposaurus Entertainment design team announced today that it will produce a Conan mass-combat, pre-painted miniatures game entitled Conan: Rise of Monsters, or CROM.

“We clued game retailers into the game at the GAMA Trade Show here in Las Vegas last week,” says project developer Timothy Brown. “Store owners were universally enthusiastic about a fun, pre-painted miniatures game with armies drawn from Robert E. Howard’s Hyboria.”

Conan: Rise of Monsters is a new mass-combat miniatures game featuring exquisite 28mm plastic pre-painted figures. Each starter box presents a complete tabletop miniatures game with rules, special dice, cards and markers as well as a complete starter army for either Conan and his Circle of Iron or Thoth-Amon and his Legion of Set. Starter army boxes will be supplemented with additional warbands, leaders, and monsters.

Pulposaurus Entertainment is a new game company created to bring Conan: Rise of Monsters to life, formed from an innovative team of industry veterans:

Jack Emmert (Cryptic Studios, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, WotC, Eden Studios)
Shane Hensley (Pinnacle, TSR, Cryptic Studios, Petroglyph)
George Vasilakos (Eden Studios, Zombie Planet)
Timothy Brown (GDW, TSR, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Petroglyph)
“We’ve put together an exciting game worthy of the Conan stories,” adds Shane Hensley. “It’s fast and fun, and the concept art and miniatures are really terrific. It will be fun to share them with the fans.”
Pulposaurus Entertainment will run a Kickstarter campaign for Conan: Rise of Monsters in the third quarter of 2015 and release the game through retail in the first quarter of 2016.