Pulp Monsters preview Skyline

Pulp Monsters have posted photos of a painted sample of the Skyline miniature for Pulp City.


From their website:

I rarely get excited about miniatures like about this one. Skyline just totally doesn’t make sense. It’s a power creep. Not only does he sport the biggest cape in Pulp City as of yet, he puts to shame Twilight’s kindergarten gargoyle and Red’s computer.

I love him.

But what I love about him even more is to see ideas of people who genuinely enjoy Pulp City come to life. It started with the idea of Kurt White, winner of SG2, then excellent concept from Kamil Ukanis, then very true to that concept sculpt of James van Schaik and Nomic’s vibrant colors. As soon as I got my metal cast (and GenCon is over) I am starting to strike terror in all villain’s hearts.